Participation Cost

Flying, accommodation and car hire reservations are to be made and paid for separately.

All participants must become members of Gliding Centre, South Africa for the period that they are at the airfield. This entitles them to a wide range of services and the full use of the airfield during their stay. Overseas visitors are additionally required to pay a small fee to the Soaring Society of South Africa (via us), so that they are included in the third party insurance scheme and to meet Government requirements.

Gliding Centre, South Africa gliders are kept in a large hangar.

There are several gliders available for hire. Your flying experience will dictate to some extent which one will be most suitable for you. A dual check is mandatory if you are going to be pilot in command of any of our ships, or your log book shows that you are perhaps not quite current, and want to fly your own glider. Note that you must be proficient with aero tow. We do not employ winch or auto-tow. A minimum experience equivalent to a Gold C, plus recent and sufficient experience on type, or similar type, is required if you wish to hire any of our gliders.

We can also provide a safety pilot or instructor to accompany you in a two-seater.

Those wanting to ship their gliders from Europe should inquire with us for costs.


A 20% deposit is required when booking our gliders or hangar, the balance, including membership must be paid before arrival. Details on how to make payment will be made available on request. - Book Here

Containers leave for South Africa at the end of the European season, so flying starts late November at Douglas. Excellent soaring conditions continue until late March, however, the overseas containers return for Europe at the end of January and the flying activity tapers off.

Discount for low season

To encourage better utilization of the facilities over the whole period, the summer has been divided into "Low" and "High Season", as depicted below. For those flying at Douglas on a tight budget, we suggest you visit us during the Low Season, where in addition, accommodation and international flights will be at bargain rates.




 Items     Cost  Notes
Membership, Single seater High season/week € 260.00    10/12/2018 - 14/01/2019  High season
Membership, Double seater High season/week € 380.00 10/12/2018 - 14/01/2019  High season
Membership, Single seater Low season/week € 200.00 01/11/2018 - 09/12/2018 & 15/01/2019 Low season
Membership, Double seater Low season/week € 297.00 01/11/2018 - 09/12/2018 & 15/01/2019 Low season
Hangar parking up to 18 m wingspan / week € 145.00  
Hangar parking 18 m wing span and longer / week € 170.00  
Airfield parking per week        € 15.00  
Soaring Society of SA Fees for three months € 70.00  
 Licence validation      € 20.00  
Aerotow per min  € 8.80  
Estimate 30 min check flight incl tow & charter € 170.00  
Check flight extension per hour or part thereof  € 100.00  
Instructor / hour € 30.00  
Oxygen refill, Small € 18.00 Please supply latest inspection certificate
Oxygen refill, Medium € 30.00 Please supply latest inspection certificate
Oxygen refill, Large € 35.00 Please supply latest inspection certificate
Oxygen refill, Extra Large € 40.00 Please supply latest inspection certificate
Retrieves @ basic cost + additional helpers € 60.00 Glider trailer included
Retrieves by road per km (to be adjusted per month)  € 0.70  
Tow gliders on airfield with" airfield car" per day € 6.00  
Claim processing, each claim € 20.00  
3rd pilot daily membership + SSSA daily membership € 30.00  
Glider hand over fee (cleanness of glider & docs) € 60.00  
Mechanical work / assistance per hour € 75.00  
Workshop/hangar per hour € 20.00  
Personal helper per day € 60.00  
Car cleaning (Using of Staff & airfield equipment) € 12.00  
Car cleaning (self service including airfield equipment) € 5.00  
Rental 4x4 per day (no fuel) € 70.00  
Rental 4x4 short trip/km   € 0.70  
220 vac glider connection per week or part thereof € 40.00  
Wi fi N/A  


                                                                                                     Please note:

                                                                          Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

                                                                               And Terms and Condition do apply